Current Issue

Volume 13, Issue 1

June 2021



Role of MOOCs in the Cultural Exposure of Under Graduate Students.
Deepamol Thomas
Communication and cultural narratives among the Indian diaspora during the ‘new normal’ in Sultanate of Oman– A phenomenological perspective
Dr. Samskrati Gulvady
Loneliness and Virtual Group Identities ~ A Correlational Study
BanditaNaik, Bhavya Jain, Surbhi Singh & AnamikaRai
Identity Construction Of Tablighi In The Time Of Corona Crises: An Analysis Of Facebook Posts
Dr Vinit Kumar JhaUtpal
Can OTT be the Solution to the Fate of Film Industry amid Pandemic Covid-19? A Case Study of Tollywood Film Industry
Dr Suman Kumar Kasturi, Independent Researcher
Women of Garhwal: Re-conceptualizing the idea of being a woman
You’re the Millstones Around my Neck: Women Negotiating Patriarchal Domestic Spaces and Identities in Nada and The God of Small Thing
Malvika Nair
Use of Internet by Indians during Extraordinary Times: A Study through Gendered Lens in the Covid-19 Lockdown Scenario

Student Research Papers

Intercultural business communication and Culture Identity: a case study of Manipur
Performance and the Myriad Shades of Manipuri Theatre - Analysis of Select Plays ofRatan Thiyam and Heisnam Kanhailal
Ayushman Dutta
Manifesting Extinctathon: Virtual Reality and Terrorism in Margaret Atwood’s Oryx and Crake
Cr Patricia Mary Hodge
Sketching the Khilonjia Musalman: Identity, Culture and Politics in the Assamese Muslim Community
Tanzim Masud
Twitter Study on the Framing of Covid-19 Communications by the Government of Assam
Odyssey of the cultural narrative: Japan’s cultural representation in Eiichiro Oda's One Piece
Manish Prabhakar Singh
Tracing Counter Memory: An Inquiry into the Mediation of Silence in Empirical Media Coding Practices
Dhanya S. Nair & DrLalmohan P.
The Essence of Folklore to foster Identity of Rongmei Community
MeisuangdaiGonmei, Dr Elizabeth Gangmei & SmitaBorgogoi