Current Issue

Volume 14, Issue 1

June 2022



Folklore, Culture, and Fashion - Creating Identities across Generations
Rahul Sethi & Dr. Dushyant Dave
Harnessing Power of New Media for Preserving Folk Culture: Approaches In The Santhali Context
Dr. Mausumi Bhattacharyya
A Study on the integration of Panchtatva in Folklores to promote Sustainable Society in the new media age
Meha Prasad
A Study on Bengal Folk Media During Covid-19 And The Usage Of New Media In Their Subsistence
Moumita De Das & Chandrima Das
The Power of Digital Storytelling: How Technology Navigated Folklores during the Pandemic
Saadia Azim
Impact of Covid-19 Pandemic on Women Kantha Artisans: A Case Study of Birbhum District of West Bengal
Dr. Priyam Basu Thakur & Dr. Sangita De
Use Of Partcipatory Theatres In Promoting Safe Abortion Practices: A Case Study On The Maternal Health Care System In Rural Bengal
Dr.Reshmi Naskar
Reaching Child Audience through Folktale-based Assamese VCD Films: A Textual Analysis
Dr. Muktikam Hazarika & Dr. Joya Chakraborty
A Study of the Appropriation Of Folk Art In Commercial/Advertising Communication In The Digital Age
Geetika Vashishata & Prof. Umesh Arya

Student Research Papers

Rethinking Folk Media in Digital Era: A Study on Bhaona Performances of Assam, India
Richa Chattapadhyay & Prof. Joya Chakraborty
Role of New Media in preserving the dying folklore tradition of Phoonga-Wari in Manipur
Ereda Lourembam
Tracing the Role of NFTs* in Re-Visioning Ownership and Copyright: An Introspection into the Case of Folk Art
Rohan Pillay A & Dr. Lalmohan P
When Folk Meets Digital: A Study of Purulia Chhau and the Mediatization of Religion
Arkaprava Chattopadhyay & Dr. Manoj Kumar Das


Change is a Constant: Festivals in “Hybrid” Times and Spaces
Nic Leonhardt
Analysing the “Festival Les Cultures Du Monde” of Gannat as a site for Celebrating Cultural Diversity!
Vikrant Kishore