June 2020

Volume 12, Issue 1



1)Contagious Disease and Commercial Cinema: A Study of Selected Films for Their Impact on Health Literacy.
Subinita Paul
2) Globalization propelled technology often ends up in its micro-localization: Cinema viewing in the time of OTT
Mrinal Chatterjee and Sambit Pal
3) Bromance in Bollywood: Is it dismantling homohysteria and homophobia?
Mausumi Bhattacharyya
4) In Film Brand Placement: A successful strategy for brand promotion
Manali Bhattacharya
5) ‘Is Macho the In-thing?’ Effects of the Representation of Masculinity in Bollywood Cinema on Youngsters
Adharsh Raj and Manash Pratim Goswami
6) Reflections of Radical Political Movements on the Silver Screen: An Analysis
Aakash Shaw
7) Laughter Through the Ages: Role of Comedy Films in Shaping Bollywood
Maithili Ganjoo
8) A descriptive study of the Content Orientation of Selected Contemporary Indian Short Films
Reema Roy
9) Polarities in Gender Representation- Kabir Singh and Thappad
Namarta Joshi
10) Dance like a Man: A Cinematic Exploration of Gender Roles and Biases Prevalent in Indian Society
Chetali Shekhawat and Garima Shrivastava
11) Analysing the Subject plot and Characterisation of Women Oriented Bollywood Films: 2015-2019
Komal H Shah

Student Research Papers

1) Translations from a Linguistic Medium to a Visual Medium: A study of Vishal Bhardwaj adaptation of Shakespeare
Adeeba Lari and Kashif Hasan

News and Comments