Call for papers


The coming issue of Global Media Journal draws scholarly attention to understanding folk-lore, folk-art and culture in the age of new media through thoughtful, reflective and critical research. Folklore is a rich aspect of any culture. The folklore, traditional, ritualistic, and a significant cultural legacy of humanity are important intangible heritage, that needs protection, promotion and discussion, and a greater public outreach.

Tradition based creative activities in folklore have evolved over time. Folklore tradition represents each of the individual performer as well as the community. Since the Covid pandemic, performances, performers and the platform of folk forms and their audiences have explored newer opportunities to display perform and view presentations. They have also been impacted with changes in social, economic, cultural environments in which the folk forms earlier thrived.

We invite research papers which reflect upon and investigates the past, present and future of the various cultural expressions through the varied forms of music, dance, performance juxtaposed with culture, anthropology, religion, language and the media, specially the new media.

Research papers relating to themes of Nature-Culture, Rites, Rituals, Folk tales, Oral Histories and Cultural Heritage in Teaching and Learning situated in communication studies can be submitted.

Using the attachment to digital technologies and new media platforms among people, folk forms are providing its users a different experience with the power of its melodious music, comedy, imaginary and performance. Research studies that analyze the relation between the folk forms and its virtual platforms/spaces, mediation and consumption through the new media are also invited. Review and discussion papers documenting, presenting and archiving folklore using new media technologies are also welcome.

Abstract submission- 15, March, 2022

Full paper submission-30, March, 2022

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