Editor’s Note

Today we live in a culturally diverse society than ever before. Culture is viewed as “communicable Knowledge” that,through processes such as identity,” helps individuals to cope within a particular environment” but furthermore must be passed from generation to generation. (Harris,1997) Culture pervades every component of interpersonal communication.Communication isa dynamic process,of human interaction involving symbolic interaction between individuals and groups and,in today’s world mediated experiences as well.The mediated communication happens through media.Altheide (1985) believes that all cultural activities share a media component.In the modern society, there has been an emergence of mass media which has helped to promote and protect the identity and culture of communities.In the earlier times oral traditions like music,dance,songs ,folklores were used to transmit the culture from one generation to another.With the advent of printing press, the culture of communities is documented and circulated. The growth of digital technologies has furthered eased the process and accessibility. Today one can watch a Bollywood film on the same day when it is released in India anywhere on the globe. Media texts have been instrumental in preservation and propagation of culture.

Theorists argue that humans cannot exist without culture. Our individuality is constructed around culture. Our identities are shaped by our conversation and relationship with others. Our cultural background enters into this mix by shaping our identity, our communication practices and our responses to others. In today's highly globalized world we thought it apt to explore the Theme of this issue “Communication, Culture and Identity”.
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Dr Padma Rani
Director & Professor,
Manipal Institute of Communication;
Manipal Academy of Higher Education,
Manipal-576104 (INDIA)
Coordinator  - Media Research Centre