Editor’s Note

Dear Readers,

It’s an honor to be invited as a guest editor for this edition as a practitioner in the animation and visual effects field. As a Southeast Asian living in Atlanta, I feel that cultural perspective and our experience colors our perception of the stories we tell. Reading through a lot of these, especially the ones centered around different regions in India, has also given me more insight into very specific viewpoints and allowed me the chance to do some more further exploration on some of the topics myself. I especially think the exploration of the ethics and influences of animation is a very important discussion in the fast moving landscape of today where reality and virtual reality are colliding at max speed. These were some very interesting reads and I believe those that have a chance to engage in these papers will feel the same way as well. I hope that more important topics such as the ones I’ve gotten the chance to read will engage others to also be more curious about the medium of animation, CGI, and the ethical consumption and distribution of media.

Marisa (Ginger) Tontaveetong
Creative Director, Slothique LLC
Executive Director, ASIFA-South International Animation Society