Current Issue

Volume 12, Issue 2

December 2020



Cinematic Representation of Native Culture and Identity in Tamil Films: An Analysis of Selected Movies of Director Seenu Ramasamy.
Malarvizhi S & Sandhya Rajasekhar
Consolidating Pornographic Contents in Bollywood Movies: A Study in The Context of Digital India
Raja Das & Ankuran Dutta
A Comparative Study of Lived Space of Chettiar Women Vs. Lived Space of Sala in The Movie Pirivomsandhipom: A Lefebvrian Perspective
L Ramalakshmi & Arulselvan S
Post-Feminist Narratives in Cinema and Web: A Study of Zoya Akhtar’s Female Characters
Sonali Srivastav & Shikha Rai
Imagery of “Beastliness’’ As an Atavistic Human Trait in Lijo Jose Pellissery’sJallikattu (2019) – A Semiological Study
Gopakumar AV & Sudheer S Salam
Script Writing For ‘Short Video’ With New Media Skills
Anita Sareen Parihar
Accessibility of Films and Level of Film Literacy in Visually Impaired People: An Exploration of Media Literacy Skills
Gulshan & Sarvesh Dutt Tripathi
Fabricated Cinema: A Study On the Representation of Muslims in Selected Tamil Films Featuring Kamal Haasan
N Nazini & V Vijay Kumar
Cinema as A Tool for Health and Risk Communication: Issues and Challenges
Abhijit Bora
Assamese Cinema and Its Revival at The Age of Globalisation: A Reading of Rima Das’s Films
Swikrita Dowerah
Revival of Punjabi Cinema - Understanding The Dynamics
Simran Sidhu
The Representation of Gender in Bollywood Film Posters: A Semiotic Analysis
Alok Kumar Jha
Assamese Cinema Through Nine Decades: Challenging Journey with Encouraging Trends
Manoj Deori & Abhijit Bora

Student Research Papers

Portrayal of Rape Cases in Indian Online Short-Films: A Content Analysis
Sweta Ghosh

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